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a little bit about us

Started in Lexington, Kentucky with customers across the country, Graphic Design Solutions has been serving a handful of clients since 2003 and steadily grown over the years. Intentionally having a small team has allowed us to focus on creating targeted solutions for all our partners.

We stand apart by focusing on customer relationships instead of profits. We turn our customer’s vision into success by understanding their specific needs and providing solutions that are targeted and effective.

We strive to bring value to our clients by creating and sustaining successful partnerships.

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Johnny Martinez

Johnny Martinez moved to Lexington, Kentucky after completing his collegiate studies in Danville, Virginia.

He studied art and education at Averett University and stepped into a teaching position where he quickly learned the necessity for effective communication.

Passionate about relationships and art, the transition to graphic design was a natural path. Encouraged by friends and family, Johnny started GDS in 2005 serving a handful of clients.

In his free time, Johnny loves making memories with his wife and children. He also takes every opportunity to laugh at himself and brandish his quick wit.

Brandon Dunstan

Brandon spent the first part of his life in Chicago but has been a transplant for long enough to call Lexington his true hometown.

To say that he is a Cubs fan is like saying that Chris Crocker thought Britney was just okay. When the Cubbies won the series on November 2nd of 2016 big, giant man-tears may or may not have been shed. Today, you may still happen upon him smiling wistfully into the distance; simply pinch him and remind him that it wasn’t just a dream.

Anyone who knows Brandon will tell you that he is extremely congenial. He used to be known for being the life of the party, and that remains true, except most of the parties he attends now are of the tea variety. Rainbow Unicorn described him as “An absolute delight!” after the last soiree. His Lego sculptures, finger paintings, birthday cake designs, and toy repair skills regularly surpass any and all expectations… according to his six-year- old daughter.

Aside from baby bears, Brandon’s interests include whittling away at an ever-growing list of home renovations, making puns, watching YouTube videos about kit cars, talking to dogs as if they’re people, changing the lyrics of popular songs to make them funnier, listening to podcasts, and helping people however he can. Oh, and he’s an excellent Graphic Designer.

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